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Starter Account: $199/month
The Starter Account is intended for beginner traders who are interested in learning about forex trading while also participating in the forex market. Your vested interest is meant to keep you motivated as you experience market movements, perhaps for the first time, in pursuit of higher percentage gains than likely seen in many conventional means including but not limited to 401K, IRAs, Checking/Savings
Account, and even the stock market in general.

The lots sizes will typically range from 0.01 up to 0.05 per pair and per trade. This keeps the overall risk at a minimum until either one learns to trade on their own and/or have built the confidence, trust, and profits high enough to move to a Pro Account, where the lot sizes, risks and rewards exponentially increase.
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Pro Account: $349/month
The Pro Account is intended for beginner to moderately skilled forex traders or those with a slightly higher risk tolerance that have already experienced and/or know what draw down looks like and are comfortable with market fluctuations as a part of everyday trading. Profits at this level are certainly pronounced in relation to the starter account level, but associated risks are also present. These traders
should understand basic forex terminology and how to comfortably navigate MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5.

*Bonus points for those that can read charts and begin to formulate their own technical analysis. Lots sizes will range from 0.25 to 1.00, usually starts at 0.50 per pair, per trade.
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Elite Account: $499/month
The Elite Account is intended for moderate to experienced traders or those with a high risk tolerance as there will be fluctuations in the market and these individuals will need to feel comfortable as we navigate through those experiences together. That said, this is where money is made and by this time or through your walk with Tehuti you should know exactly what that means. There is no need to convince you of the upside potential in the forex market, you should know. You should have a decent understanding of technical analysis and speak and understand forex terminology. Lots sizes will range from 1.00 to 2.00 standards per pair, per trade.
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Per pair, per trade lots sizes across all account types for Gold and Indices will differ due to the increased volatility in these specific markets.

How It Works:
Shortly after receipt of your payment to Trade with Tehuti a Tehuti Corp Representative will reach out to you to walk your through account set up. This means that you will need access to the computer you will be using for trading purposes. The representative will assist in getting the below tasks completed.

1. Download the MetaTrader platform (See the resource page for the free trading platforms)
2. Open a brokerage account. (Please click the link to access the recommended Broker). You can alternatively use a broker of your choosing.
3. Link the MetaTrader trading platform to the brokerage account.
4. You will provide the Tehuti Representative your account number and password
5. You will have your Metatrader platform linked to the Trade with Tehuti trading platform.
6. It would be a good idea to download the trading platform on your mobile app to see your account growing while you are away from your desktop computer.

Enjoy Trading with Tehuti!!!